Personal Universe



“…the life of the universe is split into two opposing, yet complementary phases: involution(or materialization) and evolution (or spiritualization).   the general significance of the zodiac concerns the process by which the ‘primordial energy’ passes from the potential to the virtual, from unity to multiplicity, from spirit to matter…,  and then returns along the same path.   the first signs of the zodiac (from aries to virgo) come to represent involution, while the other six  (from libra to pisces)  relate to evolution.   this pattern refers not only to the evolution of the cosmos in the broadest sense, but also to specific phases of this process… (for example…the lifetime of the individual).”

-J.E. Cirlot, A Dictionary of Symbols

this series of 12 photographs is called “personal universe”.  each model was asked for her birthdate, time and place of birth, so that the specifics of her astrological chart could be calculated.   from the whole of the universe, we can freeze frame the sky at the time of our birth.  we can study this photograph of our sky, as it was to us, then….

–michelle gemma
mystic, connecticut